Backpacking Norway

Published: 2014-08-11 14:21   |   Last update: 2022-06-26 21:23

In August 2014 I spent 10 wonderful days of backpacking in Norway.

I did:

  • go by bus from Oslo to Lærdal
  • a hike over the mountines to Aurland
  • spend one night in Lunde Camping
  • a cruise from Aurland to Gudvangen
  • go by bus from Gudvangen to Øvre Årdal
  • a hike through the Utladalen to Vettismorki and back
  • spend one night in Utladalen Camping
  • go by bus from Øvre Årdal to Ryfoss
  • walk from Ryfoss to Fagernes along the lakes
  • go by bus from Fagernes to Oslo
  • spend last two nights in Ekeberg Camping in Oslo and I did wander around the city